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ButtonWHO HE? Martin Gordon - bassist, composer, producer, incredulous bystander, willful participant. From involvement with bands like Sparks, Jet, Radio Stars, Rolling Stones, Blur, Kylie, Sezen Aksu and the Tiger Lillies to solo artiste!

Include Me Out coverLATEST RELEASE: Martin Gordon's solo career began with the release of the first part of the Mammal Trilogy 'The Baboon in the Basement' in 2003. The sixth and final part of the trilogy ('Include Me Out') was released in 2013. Some people say it was released on April Fool's Day, but that's what some people would say, isn't it? Here's an overview of the last release and a view of the simultaneously-published lyric book which covers Gordon's entire career to date.

ButtonCOMMUNICATIONS: Sign up for the newsletter - it will drop into your virtual mailbox whenever there's anything of interest going on. You gotta be able to read, though. Perhaps your cellmate can spell out the phonemes for you? You can leave us a note in the Guestbook, to which Senor Gordon will immediately respond. Do you envy those who seem to have permanent and intimate connections to trend-mongers? Come in out of the cold with our latest insider news roundup.

ButtonSOCIAL MEDIA: At the bottom of this page, you'll find a plethora of compelling social media, streaming and shopping choices. All these scenarios have been thoroughly validated and penetratingly ruggedized for your enhanced mammalian pleasure. If you can't figure out how to use the scroll bar to get down there, or are simply too pissed, click here.

MG app for mobile devicesI CARN EAR YA! While you're at it, here's a free Monsieur Martin Gordon mobile app for Android devices. It's the go-to app for any alien who wants to impress his fellow life-forms, especially those with big tits.




News 2015

March 29

While You Were Art...

The Mammal Trliogy in Art - a continuing story

March 14

What's the big hurry?

A mere 41 years after it first came out, the gold disc for KMH finally materialises.

News 2014

Dec 9

AXS interview

We talk to AXS about life, music and related issues.

Dec 5

Kimono My House is 40!

And now it can be revealed that KMH was actually recorded by a duo! Lancelot Likely-Storey and Will 'Bill' Hinckley were solely responsible!! For the entire thing!!! All this and more masterful revelations right here.

Oct 18

Coming - new website

Stay tuned! At the end of December, we will present our redesigned website - fully interactive, compelling, sustainable and, above all, with a low carbon football. Until then, keep up with the Facebookaction on Facebook.

July 20

Monte Mallin's One Stop Blog

Focussing on the 40th anniversary of the release of 'Kimono My House' by Sparks. They lived happily ever after.

June 11


A probe behind the mask to uncover the horrible reality. Mammals, music, mortification, the apocalypse, Rickenbackers and moles. And more. IS there more?

April 2

And it still is (news to him)

A brief newsletter. Not wanting to hold you up, or anything.

Jan 22

It's news to him

Sochi mayor revealed as Radio Stars fan in advance of upcoming Olympics.


Nov 22

New newsletter!

Freshly ruggedized, thoroughly validated and now available for user-testing in controlled environments, right here.

October 20

My Life with the Beast of Barnsley

Press clippings from the Beastly archive.

August 11

Alberto Diaz Rodriguez chats to MG for Rock On

Part 1. Overvole, mammals, watercourses, milkmen.

August 7

MG's top 5 albums and current top disappointment

Originally in Spanish (ole!) but for the monoglot, here it is in good old cockernee-git, knees-up-Muvver-Brown, I-should-cocoa, honest-to-God, how's-yer-farver, no-foreigners Engerlish, innit... Are you looking at ME, matey? Gotcher eye full or what?!? Part 1 of three parts, the rest shortly to follow. As featured in the latest Radiant Future newsletter-ette.

July 21


They just a-keep on a-comin' in, y'all, this time from the country of Yurp. Soon to be followed by an extensive two-part interview with reviewer Senor Diaz covering ...well, everything that ever happened ever. So watch it, or else.

June 9


They are do come in, isn't it. You are in review do have interet? It are here. Many thank for the you are visit to us!

May 26

Newsletter # 25

Like it says, just there in the line above. Remember?

March 20

Words in Your Shell-Like

Accompanying all the other stuff is the book of words. All lyrics, to everything ever. Now look here.

Feb 6

Upclude Me Indate

Video upclude plus outload of free MG app for Android mobile devices.

Jan 24

Include Me Outdate

Here's an update of the outclude with audio, video and press release.

Jan 6

Bilious Green Update

All about Stanley Green, complete with video - from 'Include Me Out'.


Dec 19

End of the world due

But nothing will stop us in our tireless effort to encourage you to live your dream, love your life, get your finger out, eat it all up, think of the starving children in Africa and so on. Mammal Part VI concealed in Newsletter 24.

Dec 14

It is Like Waiting for a Bus

Nothing for ages and then two Newsletters come along almost at one, in a sort of bunch. Here's the latest, about grenade-based feedback and the imminent release of 'Include Me Out', the sixth part of the Mammal Trilogy. Read more...

Nov 25

John's Children master the art of the segue in time and space

Live in London, November 2012 - No Russians in Russia / Desdemona.

Nov 20

Radiant Future newsletter

Contined silence broken, with news, info and Stuff!

Oct 27

Elvis In Not Dead Boring At All shock!

According to recent information, Elvis was actually responsible for some of the most radical developments in jazz fusion and also single-handedly created heavy metal music sung in a tight-trousered falsetto.

Oct 12

Rearview Kimono Mirror

A look back over the KMH sessions, in response to a Facebook thread. But more news coming very soon, after this long pause.....

April 20

Radiant Future Amazon logo stores

Catering for your mammalian needs, in a caring but obsequious manner. For the Europeans amongst us, or equally for Johnny Foreigner.

April 2

Chris Townson interview

CT discusses John's Children, Marc Bolan, the Who, Jook and all that other stuff for Doll mag, Japan, 2007.

March 21

Gig in Stockholm

A one-off command performance on April 14th. Details!

Feb 23

Martin Gordon's 'Seventies Soundtrack'

'Seventies Jukebox' - live on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire on Sunday Feb 26th at 2pm UK / 3pm CET and via Listen Again during the following week. For the discerning. And others... MG's selection of his top tunes from the infamous decade, with only a little self-interest.

Jan 30


Radio Stars video from the archives - Top of the Pops and the Old Grey Whistle Test now unearthed.


Sept 3

Are you dead?

Then this will give you New Hope. Video of Todd Rundgren's 'Tiny Demons' as performed by MG's Mira Ensemble at the Montreux Jazz Festival of 1997.

The most recent Newsletter sums up all the other new stuff. It's what newsletters do, isn't it. Random, well hardcore. There's the Finnish version of John's Children performing 'No Russians', mammalian overviews... and more. Check it out.

July 30

Archive video disinterred

One-time Sparks and Boxer guitarist Adrian Fisher talks to the BBC's 'Expats' programme in 1999 about his ex-patriate life in Thailand. He died the following year. See also Adrian Fisher's interviews on the Sparks page.

The Blue Meanies perform their only b-side on an Engish TV show. The parrot is nowhere to be seen. The a-side will appear in due course.

An annotated Guide to Mole Behaviour and Ideal Living Conditions. It is very important that they have enough living space or lebensraum, as the German wittily refer to it...

July 16

Chris Townson & Andy Ellison

More Jet recollections, from the forthcoming book 'Wired Up! Glam, Post-Punk & Bubblegum European Picture Sleeves 1970-1976'. Part II is here.

July 7

New tab

New Bands tab sorts content by the various bands, including lots of new stuff.

June 25

Sparks guitarist Adrian Fisher

From the archive - Adrian recalled and Adrian talks.

June 22


Updated on Hugo Portion's YouTube channel.

June 7


A report from the June 1st gig, with pic, video and gratis audio (which means like 'doesn't need money to get it', innit) here.

May 15


Live gig in Stockholm.

May 13


Recovered memory.

May 2

The tragic demise of BEH

Oh, well. Can't win 'em all.

April 12

Cover of Radio Stars tune by Swedish band Scratch

And it also features the groovy Sviidish girlband Baskery on bvs. Quick, nurse, pass the electroencephalograph. But it is on MySpace, so you'll need to have half an hour to spare before it even loads into your browser.

Chris Townson/Andy Ellison interviews

Our heroes are featured in the forthcoming book 'Wired Up! Glam, Post-Punk & Bubblegum European Picture Sleeves 1970-1976'. With a nice snappy title like that, they need all the support you can give them. Chris talks (well, 'talked', I suppose, to be accurate, but we like to present-tense everything around here, much more snappy and compelling) to Phil King about John's Children, Jook, Sparks and Jet, Andy talks about JC, Jet and Radio Stars - excerpts here. And more to follow...

It's that bass...

Post-Kimono, post-Jet it ended up in the hands of Paul Gray, before it fell to bits, or so he says.

Mr Moose he is come back isn't it

Oh no, what should we have done. The reality behind 'Head in a Coup' from Hogwash, from the archives.

April 4

Jet reviews

Something old, something new...

Earlier news here.

The web-management or lobster.

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