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All you need to know about the various eras. Down the eons we go.


Solo - the Mammalian years - Radiant Future Records, current era.

JC Monarch John's Children - off and on, now and again, Finnished.
Globe By accident to the orient with Mira, and then back again for globe-trotting as sound recordist, bassist and dogsbody. Coming soon...
Sessions Sessions - best not spoken of in polite company. Much miming in the wrong key, relieved by occasional music. Coming soon...

Blue Meanies Blue Meanies - Mercury Records, unintelligible.

Radio Stars Radio Stars - Chiswick Records, birth of punk, begorrah.

Jet Jet - CBS Records, light and shade, high-heels. Positions were later revised.

Sparks Sparks - Island Records, mole-trapping, disappearance of royalties.


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