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God bookThe Companion Volume to God's on His Lunchbreak / Radiant Future

by Martin Gordon and Chris Townson

What? You can read? Marvellous! Got a companion? Well, you can read it together. Haven't got one? - buy this and you soon will have. Fully illustrated by Chris Townson with the various characters appearing in God's on His Lunchbreak, with the full lyrics to the tunes and the Story Behind the Creation of God. He is driving around with His pals in a Minimoke, digging the funky toons on His iPod and dfoling out blessings to the less fortunate and foreigners.



Old git49 pages and 13 immortal Townson illustrations, the story behind the creation of each song and a free Mole with every 47th copy purchased on a Wednesday. Here's an extract, or pick God up here from the Paypal shop.

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