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Songs for Swinging Lovers / Radio Stars/ Chiswick CDWIKM314

Andy Ellison, Martin Gordon, Ian Macleod, Jamie Crompton

Second album from the band, now entering their 'Age of Unpleasantness' phase, from which they would not recover. They went on tour, in support of the album, but nobody could find it in the shops. In a vain attempt to ignore reality, they extended the tour, in the hope that one day their album would come. But it didn't. Martin went off to have his wisdom teeth out; other heads equally lacking in wisdom, but not a result of having had their teeth out, decided to go on tour without him. It all went pear-shaped, to be frank. But the album is pretty good, despite the rancour and the wrangling.

Now re-issued on CD by Ace Records, and also available from Amazon, iTunes and other selected download outlets. Lyrics are here.

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