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News 2010

December 23

Read, hear

Extended audio player on front page, added lyrics.

December 10

You Read it Here First

Writer Matt Cibula was the first to 'get' Baboon, to his evident surprise, and he followed it with a penetrating interview. Was he the original great bloke? We are saying nothing, at this point. His penetrating queries are to be found here.

'Originality much over-rated' shock

Were there really Russians in Russia after all? Here's the Private Eye magazine cover that prompted the musical proposition. Great blokes all, of course, regardless of ethnic origin.


Long-forgotten documents reveal the intimate secrets of the 1975 Jet tour with Hunter-Ronson. Just look at that rooming list! Were the blokes really that great, in reality? Was there REALLY a stegosaur-groomer? Tell that to the pop-kids of today and they won't believe you. Check it.

Whacko! Ouch yaroo leggo you rotters!

What does the name Jimmy Edwards mean to you? A mustachioed gent wielding a cane and flapping about in a chalkdust-stained master's gown? A great bloke? Think again, buddy. Here's a different Jimmy Edwards, who once was in a group called Time UK, along with Jam drummer Rick Buckler and a certain bass player who ruined the entire thing by wanting to play his own songs. Sounds familiar? No, we thought not.

And that is why you really ought to look here in order to discover the life and times of the other Jimmy Edwards. As the publication wittily notes, it's an uphill climb to the bottom. If only we had a Masterswitch when we needed one. Now read on...

Wot, more great blokes?

Jet slay them in the aisles again again. But don’t make the same mistake your ancestors made! And don't give me that crap about anyway they were great blokes and didn't want to write heir own songs, it just doesn't wash, OK? Reviews here.

Great bikes

Meanwhile back in Berlin... What IS it about Germans? They've got a bike, and they'll ride it where they like. The prize for this award-winning article was a state-of-the-art bike lighting system. We still haven't figured out where it goes, let alone how it works, but at least we got it. And it doesn't even want to write songs and is deliriously happy playing the songs which we give it, so that's a result no matter which way you look at it.

October 25

Audio player returns

Selections from albums including Jet and Martin Gordon

September 25

Finally it can be told

The remastered Jet album is out... The curse of Jet continues with a somewhat unintelligible press release here and one generated by humans here. We know which we prefer.

August 14


Video page rearranged for cross-channel surfers

June 5

Radiant Future News letter:

It has got like news in it, innit. Jet, Kim Appleby, stuff like that. Well random.

May 20

New pic galleries:

A more like engaging way to interact with pictures, isn't it. Now you can like spin them and stuff. And like write stuff, isn't it. If you can.

May 2

Updated with:

Biog stuff from previous site slowly being added - Stone him

April 24

Various things

E-music reviews 'Songs for Swinging Lovers' / Radio Stars

Oodles of videos added:

  • Radio Stars / 100 Club London 2010
  • John's Children / Casbah, San Diego 1999

MG in ' Best Ambassador of the Rickenbacker 4000 series' chart

And maybe some word soon about the imminent release of a Jet package and attendant activity... we will see. Meanwhile Jet's live show from the Hunter-Ronson tour of '75 is here.

Stay in touch with developments on Facebook: Facebook

March 30

The Captain breaks surface once more

Canadian Studmuffin interprets the Canadian Captain of the Pinafore in 2007

March 28

Interviews/reviews archived

Trawling through the years of MG-chat

Jet reviews unearthed during archiving process

Herring reviews discovered while trawling through the reservoir

March 4

Jet live release

'More Flotsam' - live on the Hunter-Ronson tour. Details here - out now!

100 pictures

from the recent Radio Stars gig at the 100 Club

Feb 14

More more more 100 vids:

You Tube - No RussiansBeast, Macaroni, Mess, It's All Over, band intro & No Russians alternative view

Who, what and why?

And have you every wondered about where Radio Stars and all those other people came from, and why? Wonder no longer - the Family Tree will shelter you under it's leafy bough while you ponder these and other significant questions about the times in which we live.

Feb 8

More more 100 vids:

You Tube - No RussiansCheck it!

Jan 27

More 100 vids:

But so far only for the Facebooked: Facebook - Johnny Mekon(Johnny Mekon)Facebook - From A Rabbit(From A Rabbit)

Facebook - Dirty Pix(Dirty Pictures)Facebook - Nervous Wreck(Nervous Wreck)

Jan 23

100 Club video:

You Tube - No Russians No Russians served from behind the bar on Jan 22 2010. Ouch, yaroo, leggo you rotter etc. etc. More to follow.

Jan 14

More ranting:

And now Martin Gordon rambles on in the marvellous labour of love and info-intensive Vapeur Mauve. Download the complete new issue just back there, as a pdf. To the irritation of monoglot Mole-lovers the world over, it's in French . (OK, for real monoglots, here's the English version). He goes on about Jet, Radio Stars, Moles and Mammals, in approximately that order. Names are named.

On the airwaves:

And in anticipation of the forthcoming Radio Stars / Eddie 6 the Hot Rods gig on Jan 22nd at the 100 Club in London, MG talks to Sue Marchant of BBC Radio Cambridge on Jan 21st, at 21.10 UK time. Here's the BBC Cambridge live iPlayer.

And in the blogosphere:

Follow the sordid details of the rehearsals on the MG MySpace blog, once they begin next week.

The critic, he love it:

More Time Gentlemen Please reviews continue to cascade into the editorial offices.

Jan 6

Dirty Posters:

Finally the world comes to it's senses about beavers. The infamous Dirty Pictures Poster is now available for you to hang on the walls of your cell, if the warden allows it.

Jan 5

MG speaks:

Blogcritics allow MG seven pages for his disembodied ranting about the Bob Position, millenarianism, the Mole that ate his aunt (or ant) and more... It is spelt in the local dialect, y'all.

Jan 2

Still here:

No news is good news. The End is not yet upon us.



Dec 24

And, with nary a pause for breath or humbug, along comes Part II at Start The Revolution Without Me.

Dec 20

Blogcritics reviews 'Time Gentlemen Please', plus an interview with Start the Revolution Without Me - Part I .

Nov 28

Radio Stars renew their long acquaintance with Eddie and the Hotrods! In a re-run of the 1977 Summa Madness tour, the two bands appear at the 100 Club in London's Oxford Street on January 22nd 2010. Line-up is Martin Gordon, Andy Ellison and Ian Macleod, plus Mr X the drummer! Details, PR and press pix here.

Nov 15

Martin Gordon talks to the legendary club Friars in Aylesbury, who recently re-opened and who will shortly close. Which seems only fitting, given that the music world appears to be very closely related to EM Forster's 'pyramid of appetites built upon a foundation of stupidity'. And while quoting Eddy-baby, as he preferred to be known by his intimates, we are compelled to agree with his remark that the only way to combat silliness is with cleverer silliness. He was speaking in a slightly different context, but so what.

Do not forget that Xmas is round the corner. Radiant Future is proposing an inflation-proof, once-in-a-lifetime reduction on all items only as long as stocks last or until the end of time, whichever is sooner. Sophisticated, boutique items include the signed and printed 'God's on His Lunchbreak, Please Call Back Companion Volume', yours for a mere 12 euros, the entire gamut of Mammal Trilogy episodes (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5), Radio Stars live in 77 and literally tons (or tonnes, if you prefer) more. Check it!

Nov 7

Anticipating upcoming Hotroddery, MG will shortly be talking to the esteemed Friars Aylesbury about Radio Stars, the past, the present and the future.

Nov 1

Our old pal Dave Thompson, when not writing Sparks biographies under various identities, was single-handedly responsible for the outing (and I use the term advisedly) of the Blue Meanies into the public consciousness, via his piece in rock-mag Goldmine in 2004. This seminal example of rock obscurantism is now published, along with other examples of his art, in 'Footnotes from the Archives of Oblivion' (ta, Dave, nice one).

Equally obscure artists (if such a category exists) include the A-Jaes (hello Tee!), former Spooky Tooth guitarist Luther Grosvenor, the Heavy Metal Kids (Gary Holton sang on the Blue Meanies tune 'Pop Sensibility', in a curiously serendipitous coincidence), Jo Jo Gunne (great!), Paul King (not great!!!) and people who we have never even heard of. No, not even us, who, by definition, reside in the Land of Obscurity. So buy it, or else this cuddly but obscure kitten gets shot.

What else... Expect a re-run of Summa Madness - watch this space for some live activity in the near future.

Oct 26

Andy Ellison, T Rextasy and 'No Russians in Russia' - cavorting takes place in September 2009

Oct 16

More Time reviews, and Mondo & Piley's podcast featuring mammalian contributions. Why oh why must we fling this filth at our pop kids etc. etc. Radiant Future website is announced, as is a massive, swingeing price reduction in honour of this event (hurry - offer valid only from now until the end of time).

Oct 9

More reviews of Time and MG and Kylie cavort on YouTube.

Sept 21

More Time reviews, and Glossary makes it's debut. Contribute!

Aug 30

Esteemed journo Dave Ling includes Time Gentlemen Please in his home jukebox. And Amazon US declare Time officially available in the colonies from August 31st. The album rockets into the US Amazon chart at #676,987 in response.

Aug 17

The Outsight Radio Hours Mammal Trilogy Overview is now available as a podcast (2 hours). It can be heard in iTunes for free - search "outsight" in the iTunes store, or click Outsight Mammal podcast to open your iTunes app. Or else google 'outsight podcast' and find it wherever fine podcasts are served, like here at New Artist Radio.

Aug 11

Martin Gordon talks live to Outsight Radio Hours on Sunday 16th August, 22.00 CET. Details here - scroll down for participation info - send your embarrassing Qs live via chat. Simulcast live via Bounceradio and Radio Gets Wild.

July 25

Time Gentlemen Please reviews.

July 23

King of Sviidish Herring in shave-shock! Pelle Almgren swamps the Swedish TV airwaves with live interview, live performance with Wow Liksom (at 08.30AM, which is, like, in the morning, my life already!) and cooking tips. Marinade yourself here (music) and here (chat). At one point he tells the famous Joke, from the recent Rubbish-event. Well, this is what we believe, given our limited command of Sviidish. Blimey. At this rate, he'll be getting a haircut next....

July 18

  • Latest edition of the Radiant Future Newsletter is here.
  • 'Time Gentlemen Please' now out and available via Amazon UK Here's the first review, from the All Music Guide (as was).
  • Lyrics to 'Time...' have been added here.
  • Check the video page for recent Berlin giggage - and pix of the event appear here (thanks to Simon Redfern).
  • 'Time - demos' competition is closed, but copies are still available here.
  • Martin Gordon chats on Tom Schulte's radio show on August 16th, details in here. Participate in a proactive and compelling manner! But do not duplicate effort! And maximise dissemination possibilities!

June 26

We are naturally shocked, stunned and shocked at the entirely not-unexpected death of the King of Parp. Our thoughts go out to the people who care about this sort of thing at this time. We are speechless and also cannot think of anything to say about the senseless, tragic and yet senseless demise of this marvellous example of someone who was very good at dancing backwards while singing at the same time andwho could also go 'eeeh-hee' simultaneously while hicupping. The world will not be the same without the ebullient yet oddly childlike presence of this enormously etc. etc. etc (pls. add more guff along similar lines, poss. Diana reference here? Ed). The world will be a different place without his childlike yet oddly ebullient presence of this uniquely (you've said that already - take this bit out).

June 17

Amazon UK Amazon are taking pre-orders for Time Gentlemen Please.

June 7

  • Berlin 'Evening of British Rubbish' announced for July 11th. Details here.
  • And new old pix of Radio Stars as well.

May 23

  • Album info: the fifth and final part of the Mammal Trilogy comes out on July 1st. 'Time Gentlemen Please' will be available on CD via Amazon and all those other places from mid-July (and is already available from Voiceprint, but we will keep quiet about that and not tell anyone). Here's the Time-blurb.
  • The downloadable version of 'Time Gentlemen Please' precedes the physical CD, for those who can't wait to get their hands on it. Audio previews can be heard (just back there) thanks to Amazon.
  • Companion disc: in addition, for those who want a 'behind the scenes' view, there is a companion disc ('Time Gentlemen Please - demos') of the demos that make up the album. The companion disc will be a limited edition, with 100 copies only. Each CD is numbered and is available only via this sit. Each CD is also accompanied by copies of the original chord charts/arrangements, so that you can serenade your companion/psychiatrist with suitable tunes at the appropriate moment.
  • Competition: there will also be a chance to win 10 of the 'Time-demo' CDs, along with copies of the original chord charts actually used by Mammal in their performances of the tunes. Competition entry will be via the CD booklet. If you can't read, you'll have to get someone to mime it to you. Entries can be made as soon as the CD is in your hands. Compete here!
  • Live in Berlin: shortly there will be info about a Berlin gig to kick the album off, or out, at around the end of July. A Special Guest will share the bill - of special appeal to bactrian-lovers the world over. Make it a Mammal-weekend in Europe's cultural capital. Free sausages.

May 20

Pelle Almgren, whom we know, has reformed his band Wow Liksom for a quick recording session, tour and video! Supporting recent trends in Thailand, he (and they) proclaim that they want to be called Anne. Check the video page for evidence! And call them it!

May 10

  • New website! Did you notice? Of course you did. Have a look around.
  • New album due in June, along with surprise companion release. Do you have a surprise companion? Have you been recently released? You soon will have/be.

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