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Martin Gordon, Pelle Almgren and the Sviidish Mammals performed at Skal in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 1st, in front of an enthusiastically-mustachioed audience. Mats Grundstrom played guitar, Max Lorentz played keyboards and sang, Chris Montgomery played drums. Their vowels mostly have funny little signs and diacritical marks on top of them but, to avoid web-bafflement, they are rendered here in their unaccented form.

Great playing and vocal contributions from the Sviidish Mammals, and an evening to thrill even the most unsuspecting of passing Hungarians. A look backwards and sideways at the various Mammalian Musikalisch Action of the past and present, hence the inclusion of Sparks, Jet and Radio Stars tunes along with large helpings of Mammalian Trilogy. It was a pleasure to play with such skilled musicians, and it was a special treat to have properly dextrous keyboard playing again after all this while. It was the first time that Martin Gordon has ever performed a Sparks tune on stage. It was all Pelle Almgren's idea. Due to the availability of a nice Rickenbacker 4001 (and here thanks are due to Anders Lundquist), we seized the opportunity to include some Jet tunes as well.

Here's what the boys (that's the sort of rock'n'roll term of reference you are required to use these days, you see, independent of actual age) performed, once they had parked their Zimmer-frames in the pre-assigned spot:

  1. Elephantasy
  2. A Portion of Paradise
  3. It Would Be Good (Jet)
  4. Tittle-Tattle (Jet)
  5. Terrible Mess
  6. Nervous Wreck (Radio Stars)
  7. Only One Dream Per Person
  8. Hit Him On the Head
  9. Love Power
  10. The Introduction of the Rickenbacker and the Donning of Moustaches
  11. Falling in Love With Myself Again (Sparks)
  12. Dirty Pictures (Radio Stars)
  13. No Russians in Russia (Radio Stars)
  14. Anyway Goodbye

Our hovercraft, it can be said with absolute certainty, was not full of eels.

Video clips of this show can be found on YouTube, but naturally the false starts and incriminating between-song banter is not. However, all material can be found in the audio download (see below), including Pelle Almgren's trip to the toilet at a crucially dramatic moment and the distribution of false moustaches to a willing, if unsuspecting, audience of local fur-trappers.

Fat lady sings...PIX: You can find pix of the event (albeit a little murky, except for Stefan Zimmerman's marvellous b&w ones) right here. Or you can check the Look and Listen page.


Fat lady sings...VIDEO: All sorts of video is on YouTube on Hugo Portion's channel - he very kindly offered to stop eating rotten herrings (albeit with one hand only) in order to film the proceedings. Check it here.


Fat lady sings...AUDIO: As a special thank you to all who have participated in/supported/spectated at Mammalian events to date, we're providing you with the audio of the evening (and you can actually hear the sterling guitar of Mats Grundstrom, unlike on the video which is compressed to f**k). It's all been nicely edited and can be downloaded as a zipped album file (mp3s) right here. If you approve (what's not to like?), spread the word.

You can find the guys here on Facebook: Mats Grundstrom, Max Lorentz, Chris Montgomery.

Marvellous, marvellous. Now what? A spot of G&S?

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